Unifying production, distribution and sales to deliver delight and convenience to consumers.

Business fields

Retailing business, e-commerce business, brand business, fashion retailing business, and retail solutions business
Planning and manufacturing of foodstuffs and delicatessen products; apparel products (OEM); pet products and miscellaneous items; information and service-related items; and packaging
Logistics and Wholesaling
Sales and marketing; logistics business, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and DCM; importing and exporting of foodstuffs, apparel, and raw materials; DC/TC contract management

Overseas convenience store business (02:28)

Operates 7-Eleven stores in Chonqing with New Hope Group, China's leading private agribusiness firm

Major activities

Building consumer-oriented business

Concomitant with economic development in Asia and other emerging regions and nations, many countries are witnessing growth in the middle class and seeing rapid changes in the consumer demand structure. Consumer demand is also changing in Japan, increasingly influenced by the long-term trend of a declining and graying population. In the Retail Business Unit, we are responding to these global changes by developing business that is closely aligned with today's markets and consumers.

Leveraging Group resources in overseas growth markets

In overseas growth markets, we are applying capabilities in product development, food technology, quality control, logistics and other areas that we have developed in the food sector. Working together with Group companies, we are using our comprehensive capabilities to engineer businesses that contribute to safe and stable food supply and enhanced consumer convenience.

Production, distribution and retail activities

In Japan, we have developed a national distribution network centered on food wholesaler Mitsui Foods Co., Ltd / Mitsui & Co. Retail Holdings Co., Ltd. This network serves as a link between retailers and foreign and domestic food producers. We also have a particularly strong business relationship with Seven and I Holdings Co., Ltd., providing their convenience store and supermarket chains with sophisticated Demand Chain Management (DCM) systems for merchandizing and logistics in Japan and overseas. In overseas business, we are working on the development of a product planning and manufacturing business and food wholesaling business, specifically for processed oil and fat products and delicatessen products in the United States. In fashion, we have established an apparel OEM, retailing, and brand business in Japan and overseas. As such, the Retail Business Unit is globally engaged in business operations that integrate products, distribution, and retailing in such areas as food, fashion and lifestyle in general

Key projects

  • Food wholesaling: Mitsui & Co. Retail Holdings Co., Ltd. Mitsui Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • DCM business, etc. with Seven and i Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan, U.S.A., China)
  • Import, export, and trilateral trade of food ingredients and processed foods for retailers, food service providers and manufacturers (Japan)
  • Internet sales, infrastructure development, operations, logistics and sales (Japan)
  • Modern media and D2C (e-commerce, etc.) business operations (Japan)
  • Food service and food retail business (Japan)
  • 7-Eleven store operation in the Chinese city of Chongqing (China)
  • Planning and manufacturing business for food and delicatessen products (U.S.A.)
  • Apparel OEM business, procurement of raw and manufactured materials (globally and in Japan)
  • Brand business, fashion retailing business (globally and in Japan)
  • Retail solutions business (Japan)