Best Spring Nail Designs In Phoenix You Must Try In 2022

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Not many things scream spring like funky, bright nails. And that is why we have brought you a list of the best spring nail designs in Phoenix to try in 2022.

The past year was all about twisted French manicures, long nails, and playful art. But this year nail art lovers are leaning towards metallic dots, graphics, and more.

So, continue reading the following section to select your favorite nail design from this season!

Trendiest Nail Designs You Have To Try This Spring In Phoenix!

This year you can expect to see a mix of popular nail art designs adorned with many crystals in various shades and textures.

Here are some of the most popular nail art designs you can try this spring:

1. Metallic Dots 

Made for minimal nail-art lovers, this design requires minimum effort and maintenance. The application process will include a sheer-base manicure dotted with highly bright colors and metals. This design will definitely make you stand out without overshadowing your whole outfit.

2. Rainbow Nails With Delicate Dots 

It is another nail design in Phoenix perfect for beginners and minimalists alike. The super-simple manicure includes painting your nails with different colors and then adding tiny white dots to give them more dimension.

3. Floral Crystals

If you love rhinestone nail art but don’t like the heavy looks, you can go with this design. It includes adding transparent flowers along with the line of your nail beds and the corners of your nails. It will perfectly complement your floral outfits and glamorous looks.

So, which nail design in Phoenix do you like the most? Well, no matter which design you are getting, be sure to get it from a reliable salon, like Element Nails Bar. And if you have any further queries about nail art, feel free to get in touch with us!

For more updates on the latest nail trends, stay tuned to this space!

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