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Management Policy

What is Mitsui's management philosophy?

Please refer to "Misson Vision Values".

What is Mitsui's basic policy on sustainability?

Please refer to "Our Approach towards Sustainability".

Please tell us about Mitsui's corporate governance system.

Please refer to "Corporate Governance".

Could you explain about Mitsui's compliance system?

Please refer to "Compliance & Integrity".

What are the key performance measures for Mitsui's management?

We set 3 quantitative targets to be achieved in the final fiscal year in the current Medium-term Management Plan (FY March 2021 to FY March 2023) (1) 550 billion yen of Core Operating Cash Flow, (2) 400 billion yen of Profit, (3) 10% ROE. We achieved targets of Medium-term Management Plan ahead of schedule and please refer to Operating Results & Financial Conditions Q.3 with respect to FY Mar /2023 quantitative targets.

What is Mitsui's dividend policy?

Please refer to "Shareholders Return".

What are the risk factors for Mitsui?

Please refer to "Risk Factors"

  • Best IR Grand Prix
  • Award for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure
  • FTSE4Good
  • FTSE Blossom Japan Index
  • MSCI Japan Select Leaders/Empowering Women Index (WIN)
  • Member of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
  • Internet IR/Sustainability Excellence Award
  • Nadeshiko Brand

This website contains statements (including figures) regarding Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”)'s corporate strategies, objectives, and views of future developments that are forward-looking in nature and are not simply reiterations of historical facts. These statements are presented to inform stakeholders of the views of Mitsui's management but should not be relied on solely in making investment and other decisions. You should be aware that a number of important risk factors could lead to outcomes that differ materially from those presented in such forward-looking statements. These include, but are not limited to, (i) change in economic conditions that may lead to unforeseen developments in markets for products handled by Mitsui, (ii) fluctuations in currency exchange rates that may cause unexpected deterioration in the value of transactions, (iii) adverse political developments that may create unavoidable delays or postponement of transactions and projects, (iv) changes in laws, regulations, or policies in any of the countries where Mitsui conducts its operations that may affect Mitsui's ability to fulfill its commitments, and (v) significant changes in the competitive environment. In the course of its operations, Mitsui adopts measures to control these and other types of risks, but this does not constitute a guarantee that such measures will be effective.